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Pro Selfie Studio Hourly Reservations

Calling all creators! We wanted a local studio that had professional lighting,  backdrops for headshots, options for brand shoots, lifestyle photography, and content creation, so we made one to share!

Forget driving to Orlando. We needed a neighborhood studio without getting on the interstate, somewhere easy to park and find, somewhere with an inspiring aesthetic that we felt safe recording in and AFFORDABLE enough that we could use regularly to grow. 

Welcome to our "pro selfie studio" where you can reserve time for $1 per minute, bring your favorite camera and AV equipment and start shooting on a consistent committed schedule.

We wanted to provide locals with an affordable professional social media studio away from distracting pets, household noise, family distractions, and the dreaded bedroom office background view. Don't you want to put out better quality content that that? We sure do. 

We have two great options - you can book an hourly studio package for $1 per minute(begins at $60),  perfect for selfie headshots, brand shoots, product shoots, YouTube videos, video podcasts, interviews, and online courses. 

The second option is for the consistent creator needing 10, 20, or 32 hours a month of studio time for a 1/2 price monthly membership package.  

We also offer a coworking luxe office lounge membership with studio time if you need a workspace to edit or are a soloprenuer needing office space, as well. 

Please schedule your call to learn more and reserve your time online at 


Content Creator Memberships

Take your influence to the next level. We offer half-price memberships for content creators looking for a local studio to record quality content on a regular schedule.

Stop filming at home! We have affordable options for you to film PG content in a controlled, reliable environment. 

No interruptions, proper lighting, and flexible sets can help take your brand from "amateur at home" to "polished professional with credibility," generating new likes, followers, subscribers, and advertisers. 

  • Nano Influencer Membership $300 for 10 hours of studio time per month.
  • Micro Influencer Membership $600 for 20 hours of studio time per month.
  • Macro Influencer Membership $960 for 32 hours of studio time per month.


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I would give Laura 10 stars if I could. She is the consummate professional caring and truly seeks to understand what you are looking for, and delivering.


She is tenacious in negotiating and so creative in overcoming obstacles. When our survey was about to be delayed, Laura called herself and spent hours trying to find a survey company to complete the work within 1 day and turn around a report so our closing would not be delayed. She is goal focused, honest, realistic, and you can absolutely trust her with this big decision. Over and over Laura exceeded our expectations and honestly, there is no one else I would recommend to those I care about. She is absolutely the best Realtor® in the Orlando area.

- Cheryl D.