Q Boutique Specialty Realty, Inc. proudly provides flexible, modern sales solutions for every need to capitalize on the current market conditions and leave no stone unturned. Our fresh alternative to real estate sales allows our clients to tailor their services with extra help or no help at all, providing the ultimate service experience.


Our full-service listing agreements provided value-added support for 3% listing commission paid at closing from your profits. Sellers are also responsible to pay the buyer’s agent commission of 3%. We do not discount commissions, as our years of experience indicate a discounted commission removes the incentive for agents to show a home, which leads to the home taking longer to sell. However, we do sell for top dollar, so rest assured that your investment will be well worth the return!


While we do not discount commission, we do offer “limited” services for less commission when cost is a determining factor for you. Ideal for Flippers and FSBO (For Sale By Owners), our A La Carte Services / “Limited” Services Program is the perfect complement to get your best sales results. We offer “unbundled,” a la carte real estate services in addition to our MLS-Only Listing Services, which is our professional business service with a limited-service contract.


Our Concierge Listing Services are ideal for your convenience and peace of mind! This program is best for listing your home with the goal of sprucing up and selling for top dollar; and especially when you are buying and selling simultaneously with us.

We coordinate and pay for any pre-sale house preparations or moving assistance based on your unique needs. We will coordinate our licensed and insured, professionals, negotiate the best deal on your behalf and pay for the approved work. NO OTHER REALTORS do this as a standard of business. We are so committed to our clients and confident in our abilities that we put our money out for you before the sale is completed; TRUE CONCIERGE REAL ESTATE SERVICE!

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